Advancing Your Career in Healthcare Administration

Individuals working in a hospital often find they wish to advance their careers, and one way to do so is by improving and tweaking leadership skills. Doing so helps to build a person’s success and influence as part of the hospital staff.

For this reason, many people wish to pursue the ECC Hospital Management Certificate, as this program gives participants the foundation they need to lead and motivate others on the staff and to succeed overall in the workplace. The practices taught in this course have been proven to be effective in helping individuals become strong leaders, establish teams that are cohesive, and promote excellence in employees.


Four courses will need to be completed as part of this program. Participants find they can choose from courses such as assertive leadership techniques and leading teams to high performance. Other offerings include influencing without authority, healthcare leadership for hospitals and clinics, and more. The coursework, however, is only part of the program, as the goal is to ensure all skills needed to advance in hospital administration are presented.


In addition to completing four courses, participants must take part in five seminars. Each seminar takes place over a two-day period. Seminars currently offered include powerful business writing skills and strategic negotiations, which are critical skills for high-stakes agreements. In addition, participants may select from other seminars such as principles of lean healthcare, priorities in patient care, and root cause analysis for healthcare. These are only some of the many seminars offered that individuals may select from.

Those participating in the healthcare program will find their job opportunities expand. The program is of great benefit to anyone who works as an administrator in a hospital or health services manager. Individuals in clinic administration will gain a great deal by taking part in the program, and the same is true of those employed as a medical staff coordinator. Furthermore, a department manager handling health insurance should consider participating in the program. In fact, anyone in healthcare who wants to learn more may choose to take part in this training. The information presented is of benefit to all who provide medical care to others.