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Child Support Lawyer: Helping You Collect Child Support

In the event of a divorce and there are children involved, child custody will be agreed upon. The non-custodial parent will be ordered by the court to pay for child support via the custodial parent. Depending on what has been agreed on, child support is paid in a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Sadly, there are those parents who are not able to keep their end of the agreement. There are also some who are not able to regularly make their payments for whatever reason. Whenever it is that you are faced with this issue, you can rely on the expertise of child support Stockton, CA very helpful.

There are three things that these lawyers can help you out with.

Withholding of Income

The local enforcement agency has records of child support in most states across the country. You can tap the assistance of a child support Stockton, CA lawyer to help you get your case listed on the agency’s records. The agency will help set-up with the employer of the parent to withhold a portion of the salary as child support.

For missed payments, your lawyer can work with you in making sure that the other parent will keep up with the payments. The judge will decide on the case and will ensure that the non-custodial parent will not find child support a burden to them financially. With the help of an experienced child support lawyer, you can collect up to 50% of the monthly compensation of the parent.

Withhold Tax Refunds

You can collect child support via the IRS with the help of your child support Stockton, CA lawyer. Your lawyer can make a request to the agency to place a hold and intercept any tax refunds as a form of child support. The lawyer can notify the IRS together with the notice sent out by the local enforcement agency. You may then collect the tax refund once IRS has completed the withholding and take it as a form of child support.


You also have the option to request a lien to be imposed if the first two options will not work out and you still haven’t received help in rearing your kids. Your child support Stockton, CA attorney can help you do this and they can include all the valuables owned by your partner on the lien. With this lien in place, they won’t be able to dispose of any of their valuables unless they are able to responsibly support the needs of their kids.

In addition to their valuables, your lawyer can also work on revoking their driver’s license and this will remain in force until they are able to cover their responsibilities. There is also the option to freeze their bank accounts and only lift the mandate until they are able to satisfy the court order issued.

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